Depth of field of 4/3 or m4/3

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Re: Depth of field of 4/3 or m4/3

beomagi wrote:

Be very careful with the term "magnification". It is used to describe the image formed on the sensor - NOT the digital representation it returns.

You're right, when I look at "magnification" I mistakenly took it for framing. These days the final output size (on monitor or in print) is very detached from the actual reproduction on the sensor/film. The subject framing (final output in print or on screen) is what maters (I would assume). How much of the frame are they filling.

Since "magnification" is such a loaded word.. I don't see why we'd even use it anymore. The OP uses this "magnification" term to try to describe how simple the depth of field calculations are. But instead he just confuses it. To me it only confuses the matter. Angle of view is important since it's the end result, framing that matters.

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