OLYMPUS Viewer 2 Update (Support for "E-5")

Started Oct 28, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Go Ubuntu

Sounds encouraging; looking forward to getting off the Windows upgrade treadmill.

Moddemeijer wrote:

I got it working under Ubunto Linux with Wine

  • Communication with the camera doesn't work. The camera can be mounted as a part of the Linux file system, so its no problem.

  • Communication with the internet doesn't work

  • Its really fast. Olympus Viewer 2 runs multi-core!!!! Has been inspected with the system monitor

Technical details

  • Ubuntu Linux 10.10 Maverick

  • Wine 1.3.6

  • Olympus Viewer 1.1

  • winetricks gecko corefonts vcrun2005sp1 msxml4 msxml6 vcrun6 ie6 vb6run wsh56

Not all packages are necessary; its my Wine installation.

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