Consensus on operating touchscreens with gloves?

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When developed well...Resistive screens work. Look at the Zumo 550

stewartpratt wrote:

timiano wrote:

GF2 (and other G-Series touch screens) is resistive. You could use it wearing gloves, depending on the size of them...or at least a corner of a seam on a finger.

My current phone has a resistive screen. I use it for GPS logging when cycling and it's pretty much unusable with gloves on.

Resistive screens are currently the most ideal for gloved use. But the question is whether they had given fat-fingers enough consideration. Case in point: Garmin's Zumo 550 line of GPS were specifically designed with motorcycle riders in mind. Here's a group of customers that really need to have buttons work through gloves. Garmin's 550 interface is particularly well designed for gloved use. It's completely different from their more car-oriented or handheld units. Check it's a good example of how to do it well.
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