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Re: Better how?

jericho7 wrote:

what i don't understand is why are there complaints when panasonic and olympus are making similar lenses. Isn't competition good for consumer?

It is. But choice is better IMO.

I'm sure many photographers would love a lens that m43 doesn't offer. (Granted m43 offers much more than NEX or NX, but ...) A portrait prime, a modest f/2.8 zoom, a not-so modest f/2.8 zoom (esp for use with the bigger G/GH models), primes of all sorts (pancakes, WAs, mid-teles) ...

The idea of the 4/3 "consortium" is that you can pick & choose compatible gear. So having a choice of a Panasonic X or an Olympus X is nice ... but IMO the platform would be more appealing (compared to the competition) if it offered a wider variety rather than variations on a theme.

I'm a case in point. While m43 offers far more lenses than NEX, I chose NEX (partly) because it promises a portrait prime in 2011. I don't need 20 different lenses, I just need the right few.

For example, if olympus didn't make the 9-18mm, ppl will be stuck with the expensive 7-14 as the only ultra wide angle lens for MFT.

So is it better to have both a 7-14 & 9-18 and no portrait prime ? I guess the answer depends on whether you're more interested in an UW zoom or a portrait prime

It just seems that when there are obvious holes in the lineup, r&d would be better spent on broadening the system. Consider that a competitor only needs to develop half as many lenses as m43 to offer similar options.

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