Auto ISO: Canon's 9-year Itch

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Auto ISO: Canon's 9-year Itch

Notice the ridiculous way Canon has managed to take what should be a simple procedure... then split it up into a dozen little pieces so they can hand it out bit by bit.

Nikon and Pentax implemented Auto ISO properly and fully ... as it became available. Canon, in its uniquely Canon way... is rationing out bits and pieces in its Prosumer dSLRs over years and years. Someone over at Canon HQ must be getting off on withholding.

I now present to you: The Utterly Ridiculous History of Canon Auto ISO . Only Canon can get away with crap like this:

  • 2006: No Auto ISO when everyone else already had it

  • 2007: Basic non-configurable Auto ISO (100 to 800) for Av and Tv modes only

  • 2008: Enabled Auto ISO beyond ISO 800

  • 2009: Enabled Auto ISO for M mode too

  • 2010: Enabled Max ISO selection

At the rate they are going, I can already guess what will happen over the next few years...

  • 2011: Enable Minimum Shutter Speed selection

  • 2012: Enable Maximum Aperture Size selection

  • 2013: Enable Auto ISO when Flash is Activated

  • 2014: Enable Exposure Compensation for Auto ISO with M mode

By my estimate, Canon will be dragging out this process across 9 years when they could've easily done everything in 1 year.... like any normal company would have. So for all you people waiting for Canon's Auto ISO to catch up with Nikon & Pentax... rest easy. It's coming to an EOS camera near you in 2014! And it will only take them 9 years' worth of baby steps to do it!

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