Would any of you buy an E-1?

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owned one and sold it

I had an E-1 and for the half-year I owned it, it was a love affair. I took it everywhere and I really learned a lot.

The E-1 produced wonderful printed images - all of which are indistinguishable from printed images out of the E-410.

But, reality came knocking and I bid farewell to my E-1. Why? I don't necessarily need weatherproofing and most importantly, I'm going to have to be honest here - I like looking at pictures 1:1 onscreen. I like panning across an entire picture and seeing details that I don't see.

I couldn't do that with the E-1. I could do that with my current E-410 and E-620 (which replaced the E-1) and my past E-500 and E-520 (for the few weeks I owned it).

Does that make me a pixel peeper? I don't know.

I do miss a few things about the E-1 that my current cameras don't have:

  • FS-2 gridscreen. This was amazing.

  • the shutter sound.

  • the cool touch of the metal on my palm.

  • the ability to go out in the pouring rain with my 14-54 and not worry.

Other than that, yeah, I think that for a lot of people, the E-1 is an itch. Once you scratch it, you either keep scratching or you decide to rub some cream on it.

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