E-620 low light focus advice?

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E-620 low light focus advice?


I'm on my first dSLR a Olympus E-620, I've previously owned the Fujifilm compacts F31 and F200EXR, but no longer own either.

I'm a little dissapointed with the low light (or sometimes what I'd only call medium light!) focusing with my E-620 + the 14-42mm kit lens. Even sometimes indoors during daylight I find the camera refuses to lock focus even after the AF assist strobe fires a few times. The problem seems to be the same whether I'm using the camera on Manual or on Portait or Auto etc. (always in S-AF focus mode).

A few questions related to this -

1) I can't directly compare any longer but the low light focusing issue seems to be more of a problem than I ever remember having with either of the Fuji compacts - could that be right, or is it likely there's something wrong with my camera or lens?

2) Am I right in thinking whatever I have the aperture set to for the shot doesn't matter in terms of focusing - the camera will be trying to focus with the lens as wide open as possible for a given zoom setting before closing the aperture to the set value to make the exposure? Also I presume the main thing I can do to aid focusing in such situations is to use the lens at its widest zoom setting thereby allowing the camera to focus with the biggest possible aperture?

3) Does having face detection on or off make any difference to how quickly the camera will lock focus?

4) Am I better off with just say only the centre focus point enabled (and using AF lock + recomposing) rather than all 7 points enabled allowing the camera to choose one?

5) I'm assuming using C-AF instead of M-AF won't make any difference, is that correct?

6) Are there any other things I should be concentrating on regarding camera settings or techniques to improve the problem?

7) Regarding the lens - besides all the other advantages that the 12-60mm f/2.8-4 lens has - am I likely to notice a significant difference in low-light focusing over the 14-42 kit lens?



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