Back after 12 years... and why I chose a 60D over a 7D

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Back after 12 years... and why I chose a 60D over a 7D

Hey guys. My name is Johan and I have done a lot of research on camera topics using this site. I thought I would give a point of view from a person who used to be semi-pro back in the 90's using film. Would have gone full time, if it wasn't for the anxiety with one-time-only photo shoots and having the film come out not as expected or a mess-up along the development process.

First, I would like to say how much less anxiety I feel using digital for critical events. Being able to review photos on the spot, in detail is freaking HUGE! It seems to me like a lot of camera users these days have joined because of digital, and never experienced the frustrations of using film. Even the best camera back in the day would not get pictures while you changed film. I lots some good shots because my camera was open and being refilled.

Now that I feel digital is equal or better than film for my needs, I am getting back into "pro-level" photography.

I have been researching cameras since early this year, as the T2i gave me new hope that digital was finally coming around and even the cheaper models could produce professional quality images.

Checked it out, and it felt like a little toy. Good image quality, but not a professional tool in a lot of ways.

So, I waited to see what Canon was going to do with the new XXD camera. Once it did come out, or yet, the specs, people on the internet just shredded it a new one.

Sadly I bought into a lot of the crap being spewed without any info or facts, and was set on buying a 7D, since it is "clearly" the best by miles.

So, I went into the store to pick one up/check one out, and there was the 60D. Picked it up and fell in love instantly. After playing with both models for 40 minutes, I found the 60D menu system controls much easier/faster to control than the 7D. The grip also felt a little better in my hands. 7D has a better viewfinder piece.

I was rather shocked at how similar these two feel in terms of sturdiness. I have read a lot of people (who don't have one) keep saying the plastic build isn't what the 7D is. Until I see a side to side drop to concrete test, I am going to say the 60D is likely every bit as strong. Even the t2i can take a bad fall. The 60D feels way more stout than the T2i.

So, ergonomically, I was more impressed with the 60D. I also found, having big hands, the 7D joystick was hard to use combined with my fat cheeks. The 60D 8 way D-pad in the dial worked much better and never once did I accidentally hit the buttons on it or have it not register. Brilliant way to make the systems more efficient and consolidated.

Weather sealing wise, every single review/preview clearly state with great confidence that the 60D isn't to the 7D standards. Really? From just holding the two cameras, the 7D felt like it had more doors/buttons to potentially let water in.

Looking at the diagrams of the weather sealing and tight fitting, they are clearly equal in most ways. The 60D looks to have all the same sealing except for the mode dial, and actually has MORE sealing on some buttons. Plastic seals from water just as well as metal, so given the 60D has this, does that mean (gasp) the 7D might not be such an improvement, and could actually be slightly worse?

It's hard to see both colors of sealing in some shots, so look at them all. Green = tight metal to metal (plastic to plastic) and red is actual "rubberized" seals. I've read of people having their 7D shut down in a misty setting, so who knows? 60D might be just as good or better.

At this point you guys are probably labeling me as a 60D fanboy and 7D hater. Not that at all, which is obvious that I wanted to buy the 7D based on other people's opinions. By writing this, I hope to bring a balanced light into reviewing the merits of each.

I now have my 60D coming soon (with good rebates!) with a 60mm EFS macro to start with portraits and macro work. Then over time a 135 f2L and a 300 2.8, and a tilt shift.

Now for the really big thing people had me worried about. Micro adjust. I had written off the 60D completely due to a fear of buying $1000+ lenses that don't focus until after servicing. I've waited for a while now to see all the people would be inevitably storming the internet with reports of bad focusing, etc. Haven't heard a peep. I will try to find some bad lenses to try on my 60D to see how it handles them.

People who have bought the 60D are happier than clams, yet there still seems to be a belittling tone from people who have likely never seen one in person, who also own the more expensive models.

There are many other things I "think" I like more about the 60D than the 7D, but only time will tell if those prove out.

Well, that's been my experience with how the internet can be very misleading. Always check out a camera before buying, as no one in the world knows what you like more than you do.

So freaking glad I did not buy the 7D!

Still a vast majority of info on this site is useful to me, so don't take this first post as a total complaint. I look forward to contributing to these forums as I start racking up some more shots with my hot-new camera gear.


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