Lower End Macro Lens for 1000D/500D?

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Re: Lower End Macro Lens for 1000D/500D?

hesbehindyou wrote:
A good summary. Just a couple of minor points:

ecka84 wrote:

Canon EF 100/2.8USM Macro used for about $400. It has many pros. against the 50, 60 or 70mm:
a] very fast focusing (AF limiter)

One must remember that exka84 states this relative to the other macro lenses. It won't be fast compared to other ring USM lenses. Once it has found focus it keeps it, it's just squiring a new target that's too slow, so an issue only for certain types of photography.

I mention this only 'cos I tried it out last night to see if I didn't need to buy the 100 f/2 for it's faster aperture and quicker focussing. Partial success, 100mm was a little too long, so the cheaper 85mm would be better

Someone could say that Tamron's 60 Macro has wider aperture, but the longer focal of Canon EF 100/2.8USM Macro compensates that nicely.

For the same framing, wouldn't the 60mm at f/2 still have a shallower depth of field than the 100mm at f/2.8?

According to the DoF calculator ( http://www.dofmaster.com/dofjs.html ) at 10 feet distance Tamron 60/2 has the same DoF as Canon 100/2.8 at 14 feet. Now we must compare the framings of both. Probably Tamron 60/2 would win by 1/3 of F stop :). However, like you said, the 85/1.8 is better for portrait than any macro lens.

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