E-30 turn half dead all of the sudden

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Should i call Olympus Japan HeadQuarters ?

Art_P wrote:

It could have been fixed and returned to you... and next week something else goes on it... or it gets stolen.

Getting a brand new camera (will it include a new charger & accessories?) for a little over two bills isn't that bad.

Agree with you but....

I call the Portugal station; they don't know anything about it. They don't have any record with this serial number (my camera serial) at the station and that i should call Olympus Israel.

I called Aloda (Olympus Israel) to hear that i don't get a new camera but an expo one.

The guy on the phone, repair station manager, was not able and didn't want to tell me anything more than that. In is mouth, i get a "like new" camera, he received the agreement from his boss to do that and that i should be very happy. I gave an used camera, i get an expo one it is good for me.

When i suggest that i come to pick it up i was told;

Don't come, the camera will come from Europe and we will call you when it is in our station.

The discussion was in a "this is like this and that's it" tone and none of my arguments (of course i suggest i'd prefer add some money and get an E-5) was receivable.

I'm trying to convince myself that it is ok because i'm not ready to open a legal fight, but i have hard time to swallow the situation. I don't know what's an "expo camera" mean. I know that (this time) i was very carefull with the camera, it was super-mint (not a single scratch) even if i don't know the attenuation number.

Should i call Olympus Japan HeadQuarters ?

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