Badly aligned focus on K10D - tested!

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Re: Badly aligned focus on K10D - tested!

Hi Richard,

Unless you know the history of the k10d the serial number will give no indictaion if the cameras been through Pentax Service.

If it had been through Pentax service the engineering rev of the MB would have been updated and AF inconsistencies would be resolved.

I know my first k10d was horrendous never sure if it would BF/FF for any particular test.
The replacement behaved like the k20d but slower

Anyway been thinking about your dodgy k10 and I think it has to be the mirror.

The mirror is the only part that involved in both AF and MF alignment all other parts would only affect 1 or the other.

I hope Falk doesn't mind me borrowing his image of Penatx's cutout.

You can see the AF module in the bottom cannot be affected by the focus screen and conversely the af module cannot affect MF.

Of cause the other possible cause is sensor out of alignment.

Anyway I think the camera needs Pentax service not something even a dexterous person could repair.

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