GF2, the case for touch.

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GF2, the case for touch.

What dials and buttons have the haters lost?
Exposure Mode: P,A,S,M,Scene, C1-2
Drive Mode: Single, Continuous, Bracket, Timed
AE/AF Lock

Quick note about these. While shooting the GF1 with the LCD, you have to either tilt your camera to look at the top of it, adjust the setting, and then look back at the screen. In the GF2, you tap a soft button and tap the setting you want, all while keeping your eye on the screen. Providing the tapping is responsive, I can't see any reason why it would take any longer, and in fact, probably be less awkward.

Users of an EVF are a bit different, you'll want to keep it up to your face. If you wanted to use the dials on top, you still have to bring the camera away. Or more likely you'd adjust the setting using the Q Menu and rotating dial selector, and that's all still there. In fact, there's a new drive mode button which gets you to that setting quicker. AE/AF Lock can be assigned to the Fn Button. There's not much in terms of shooting workflow that's missing.

But what about the gains?

Changing ISO and WB is going to be much quicker, and I do plenty of the former. Hit button, tap ISO. Instead of hit button, press, press, press, press, set. There's a whole host of settings that can be set without having to scroll, scroll, press, press, set. It's kind of neat really.

MF assist, just tap the area you want to zoom into, rather than zoom and recompose, or frustratingly use the up, down, left, right to get it where you want.

Customisation. You can put the settings that are important to you at the press of a button. I switch aspect ratio lots, that would be my first, plus metering and focus modes.

There's a plethora of new great things the touch interface brings to the table, and for the life of me, I can't see why we're all so hung up about the PASM and drive dial.

Panasonic have thought this through very well. Have you?

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