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Tom Hoots
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NEX LCD is the best.

toomanycanons wrote:

So: how does the LCD on the NEX do in bright sunlight? Is there something magical about Sony's implementation that makes it work "better" than, say, the LX3 I was testing?

You bet there is. If you adjust it in "manual" mode to its brightest setting, it will do very well even in strong sunlight. What you need to "cut through" bright sunlight is "even more brighter light," and if you really need it, then you can choose the "Sunny Weather" option, which is almost eye-searingly bright. There is no other camera LCD on the planet that gives you more brightness than the NEX LCD. Period.

Also, bear in mind how you can pull out the LCD panel itself and angle it up and down. If you're battling reflections, you can try adjusting the LCD a bit so that it's not reflecting the light back at your eyes so much. It's yet another advantage over most other camera LCD's.

I've owned about three dozen different cameras over the past decade. I can easily say that the NEX LCD is far better in outdoor light than any of the others I've owned.

Tom Hoots

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