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Re: Recommended memory card size

photopilot2825 wrote:

For the first time ever I've had a compact flash card go bad on me. Still not sure what happened. I use a 7d and it stopped taking pictures and gave me an error.

It's very, very rare that a memory card goes bad. Almost all of the times, it's usually operator related. The slowest operation of the camera is the writing of the photos to the flash card. The writes are done when time is available, usually after the buffer is full.

So how do you prevent this?

  1. Always shutdown the camera before taking the flash card out. And wait for the activity LED (orange on a 7D) to be off.

  2. If the card is full, turn off the camera, before replacing the card. You will have lost the last picture but...

  3. Never fill the card to the last photo.

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