FZ40/45 Anyone Moving Up from FZ35/38?

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Re: I guess that if the FZ100 is poor outdoors it's going to be horrible indoors

El Profe wrote:

I know the Sony A-290 is one of the cheapest if not the cheapest entry level camera. That the Pentax Kr is a better choise and better camera. But for its $400 average price (with a 18-55 kit lens) and with 14MP's with in-body anti-shake is not that bad. (I consider anti-shake a must for any camera that is going to have a 300mm or more lens). And because of its bigger sensor compared to s compact camera it has much less noise than any compact camera can dream having.

And although the Phoenix 100-400mm zoom is an old lens (film type not digital) it was tested to be much better in photoquality at all apertures by Popular Photography than the corresponding 400mm zooms from Sigma, Tamron and Tamron brand at 11x14. Its disadvantage was not in photo quality but in details like push-pull zoom that tend to zoom out when pointing down, etc.

The Canon 100-400 is the same push-pull, but it is a great lens! they even call it the dust pump...lol...

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