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Perhaps they already do?

petergerritsen wrote:

Why can't Panasonic make a better JPG engine? I know lots of people do like to keep it simple and shoot jpg. I read that only 8% shoot raw.

Autumn/Fall is a lovely time of year in the northern hemisphere when it comes to the dying leaves on some trees. As I look out of my study window there is a marvellous range of colours/colors on a beech tree in my neighbour's garden. Shades of yellow, orange, brown and gold. This morning I shot images of this tree from my study window using the default Standard setting on the GF1 with 20mm f1.7 lens and then repeated the same shot in Dynamic and Vibrant modes. The resulting colours/colors were much more saturated in the vibrant mode, but the colours/colors that were truest to nature were those in standard mode.

By all means select Olympus if you have to live with really saturated colours, but live with Panasonic if you want to reflect reality.


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