oversharpened? overprocessec ?

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Re: oversharpened? overprocessec ?

ANAYV: In addition to the excellent comments you received above (particularly the need to increase the black point, saturation, and contrast, and reduce sharpening), play with each shot for cropping. The shots in your OP often have extraneous elements that don't add to the shot but add visual clutter or unwanted visual weight. The first shot, for example, benefits, in my estimation, from having a good deal of the water in the foreground removed and a redefined depth. Here is a re-cropping of that shot along with a number of other tonal modifications.

Likewise, the last shot has a lot of visual flotsam and can be made to have, again in my estimation, more compositional interest when cropped (and given further processing) as follows:

All your images have real potential that is hard to exploit with the posted, already processed versions.

All in all, it must have been a lovely walk.

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