Ancient 30D is still good enough for National Geographic - Why upgrade your camera?

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Ancient 30D is still good enough for National Geographic - Why upgrade your camera?

Here’s an inspirational story for all 30D users!!!!

I am a mere office drone by day. However, on weekends and vacations I morph in to a photo-enthusiast armed with my ancient Canon 30D and assorted 'L' lenses. I use my Flickr account to share my experiences with others. I must say being with Flickr has been a great experience for me. Why?

Allow me to explain....

I took the photo of the Easter Island moai below while on vacation 2 years ago with an 'ancient' 8.2 megapixel Canon 30D.

Well imagine my surprise when I was contacted by National Geographic magazine to use it in the Archaeology section of the November 2010 International (not North American) English print magazine edition. So while all you in England/Europe/Australia can view it in the local NG magazine, my family/friends here in Canada/US don't see it in our edition.

The image was licensed for internet use as well and appears in an article on their blogosphere.

How did they find me? I didn’t submit anything. They actually saw my photo in Flickr and contacted me through Flickr. So keep posting your photos and who knows? Maybe you'll get a request from National Geographic to use one of your photos.

So the ol’ 30D is still good enough for one of the most venerable photo magazines around. The 8.2 megapixels is enough. It’s not the camera, it’s more so the lenses - and maybe the user has some impact

So what's the moral of the story? If you have an 'ancient' 30D (or any body) and are thinking of upgrading you may be better off spending your money on upgrading your lenses. I find that people here are far too quick to upgrade bodies when better lenses are probably the better route to go. Ignore the marketing wars for megapixels and/or focus point numbers. Buy better glass first - unless you're doing a photographic task that your current body can't handle (i.e. require faster focus and increased frames/second for sports)
Phil M. - Toronto, Canada

If you have some time to chew on a few of my photos, please go to:

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