5D vs Panasonic LX3 Compact Camera Comparison Pics

Started Nov 2, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Re: 5D vs Panasonic LX3 Compact Camera Comparison Pics

I have a 5DII, a GF-1 and and LX3. How silly to compare any of them. I would never shoot professionally with my LX3 any more than I would take my 5DII backpacking.

It's funny you should mention that because I did take the 5DII backpacking. That may not be a good idea but it sure was nice having a weatherproof camera right at hand (on the front, where the massive weight of the 5D helps to balance the load). The 5D is absolutely superior for chance encounters with wildlife on the trail.

I will be getting a GF-1 or GF-2 to take for a spin. If it is any good at night then it looks like it would be a very attractive option for travel pictures. I have noticed with the LX3 that people don't mind having their picture taken with a compact camera. Some people are scared by the 5D perhaps because they think their image may be used professionally, I don't know.

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