f/1.8 on m4/3, ASP-C, FF; are they the same?

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Everdog wrote:

Gao Gao wrote:

Go to the compare sensors page on DXO mark...

But when you look at the REAL ISO values you get things like..
the GH1 at ISO 1126 has a DR of 9.32EV...
the Canon 5D mkII at ISO 1093 has a DR of 10 EV

You're right, the GH-1 was a much more comparible sensor to the other makers. It's just a shame that it's Panasonic and they kept it for themselves, and only put it in one body, that for the most part was sold only as a kit with an expensive zoom. The GH-2 looks to be even better, they even seemed to have dealt with the banding. However, again it seems that they'll be just using it in thier GH-2, so other more interesting products are left with their lower bin parts, and Olympus doesn't seem to be able to use the GH-2 sensor tech either.

Could you imagine what a 12MP sensor with the GH-2 improvements would be like? Instead, we have all other mFT bodies and fourthirds bodies using the 3 year old 12MP sensor with the only improvements being processing and lighter AA filtering.

Anyways, yes, you're right, the GH sensors seem nice, too bad panny doesn't want to use them anywhere else

btw, it also seems like the GH2 "fixed" the underrated ISO values... that might also contribute to the "cleaner" higher ISO's that people are seeing. We'll have to take that into account.
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