Rangefinder Question

Started Nov 3, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Albino_BlacMan Senior Member • Posts: 1,006
Rangefinder Question

I'm looking for a rangefinder, mostly because a)I 'm getting into film and love it, and b)I want something small, quiet and unobtrusive.

But I don't know what all my options are. I like shooting low light so I need something with a fairly fast lens (probably f2 or faster, I know most are interchangeable but some of the old Olympus RF's seem to have fixed lenses). Focal length between 35 and 50mm’s. I also want the shutter to be quiet. I have an Olympus e-410 and a Pentax ME super. Both of which the shutter is too loud for my liking. I also have an Olympus E-1 which I find to be acceptable but the quieter the better.

I don't know how metering works on all old Cameras. The ME super (my film camera at the moment) has aperture priority mode. I would really like to have this in whatever camera I get but if it doesn't have it I can survive as long as it’s not totally manual (it has to give me some indication as to what speed I should pick, do all cameras do this? I don't know much about the old world of film).

I also want something very reliable. I've been looking at the new Voigtlander Bessa R3a, but I've heard stories about the QC not being fantastic and it be slightly hard to get them serviced, especially in Canada.

I'd also like to have it be easy to get serviced in Canada if possible.

Also I'd like it to be as compact as possible, although from what I hear all RF's are, and to be at a reasonable price (maybe $1500 camera and lens but cheaper is better!)

Are any of these expectations reasonable? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Also what are my options as far as digital goes? I probably need usable ISO 1600. So what is there the Sigma DP, future Fuji x100 and the leica X1? (if the E-Pen had a 17/2 or faster I would probably really be into that).

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