NIK HDR Efex Pro is here

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Re: NIK HDR Efex Pro is here

I tried the eval version.. I loved the interface and the results, but have several issues with it. I've got Photomatix 4.01 also, but like the interface and presets better in NIK.

On my mid level machine (win7 64 bit dual core 3ghz with 8 gb ram) it runs slow compared to everything else. Refreshes on the previews take a bit, you see the tiling of the image as it rebuilds it, and it takes about twice to three times longer to process sets than Photomatix. In 32 bit PS5 with my other NIK software it's almost instant on the previews. I didn't even try nik HDR 32 bit PS5 based on the slow speed I got in 64 bit and what I've read about problems with the 32 bit version. All my other 64 bit plug ins have instant refreshes and no lags like this seems to. I'll have to try it on my high end machine with quad core and 16 gb ram to see if it improves.

Also, this is the first time I've had a plug-in crash PS5 in 64 bit mode. Pretty consistent that after processing 3-4 different sets of images, it would crash and I'd have to restart PS5. Look like a memory leak or something?

Also my other pet peeve... No 64 bit versions of my other NIK software available yet. So I can't combine them - HDR barley runs in 64bit, and my other NIK software only works in 32 bit PS5... I've pretty much stopped using my other NIK software because everything else I use has a 64 bit version for over a year or more and works great in PS5 64bit.

Figure these are issue with it being a version 1.0. It looks promising, and if they fix the speed issues/crash issues AND update the rest of their software finally to 64 bit versions, I'll buy it.

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