Lower End Macro Lens for 1000D/500D?

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Re: Lower End Macro Lens for 1000D/500D?

HarryMills wrote:

Can anyone suggest a macro lens suitable for these cameras? I don't want a top of the range super expensive lens. Of course i don't want absolute crap either.

Almost any current Macro lens sold by Canon, Sigma or Tamron would be suitable. Which one would depend upon what subjects you intend to take macros of, what lenses you already own and what budget you have to buy the lens.

I've read that there are some lenses that are quite good for macro and portraits. Do these lenses have a macro 'switch' on them or something? If someone could explain, that would be great.

As you have an APS-C sensor camera, that would be any of the macro lenses in the 50mm to 70mm focal length range, almost all of these have a maximum aperture of f2.8, except for the Tamron 60mm f2.0. The wider aperture of the Tamron makes it slightly more suitable for portraiture as you will get reduced depth of field (useful for isolating the subject from the background).

These macro lenses do not have a macro switch, they just focus much closer than a "normal" lens. Almost all of them will focus down to fill the frame with a subject just 22mm x 15mm.

So, what lenses do you already have, what subjects do you want to take macros of, and how much do you have to spend ?

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