The Autumn thread

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The Autumn thread

Feel free to post your pictures of the autumn.

Some of mine.

With the 400G wide when I was on a walk.

Usually I don't go by bus but today I almost had to as I had bought a new frontwheel to my winterbike. Some unknown person stole the wheel while the bike was stored in the cycleroom during this summer so I had to get a new one. I don't want to use my main old school Miyata with carbon fiber frame in snow and get it shitty that way. I can use my old steelframed Miyata for that stuff

Only problem is that people like to steel these Miyatas. It is much harder to keep them safe from thieves than free from mechanical problems. Except for that I had to change the chain on one of them once and also wires to the gears and brakes I can't say anything else than 15 years with various Miyatas (some of them have been stolen) have been rather uneventful.

This First is with the Dimage EX 1500 Wide. I use to try and carry two cameras nowadays, especially when I go with this one as it can't do close ups very well.

500SE with using AWB, now with the latest firmware. Still about as bad as before I would say.

And less purple cast in the second shot, using cloudy/overcast for comparison.

I don't know the name of this lil flyer. At least it was kind enough to sit tight for some rare moments to let me get this shot of it. That's more than I can say about its blue relatives which I tried to photograph earlier this summer

Twisted - Heart or leaf? Shame on that twig right behind it, but I refuse to do staged shots so I let it be there and tried to make something of it.
That's something I like, trying to make the most of a given situation.

The former owner of that barn? Maybe not but at least he monitors it best he can

Downfall, I hope that none was in there at that moment.

Today I visited a second hand store for various things and found this slowLensed (f4.. What a joke Obviously some low end consumer model) Ricoh on the shelf for various electronic stuffs.

Beside the 500SE, I had the Dimage EX wide f1.9 (thankfully much faster lens than f4) In my other jackpocket which uses AA batteries, as well as this filmRicohand the 500SE (which mainly gets its power from the DB-43). Of course I couldn't resist to borrow the XF30 two of the Eneloops to try it just for fun.

Guess what, It wouldn't power on. Not a surprise really having already noticed these contacts being almost covered by acid from a leaked battery. The viewfinder looks nice from the front but is rather small for being a filmcamera.

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