f/1.8 on m4/3, ASP-C, FF; are they the same?

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Go to the compare sensors page on DXO mark, pick a recent FF camera and an m43 camera, and take a look at dynamic range - print. Take the manufacture ISO values instead of those marked on the graph, and compare the dynamic range in EV. You may also look at tonal and color sensitivity.

To quote one example:
PEN E-PL1 has DR = 7 EV at ISO 3200; EOS 5D II has DR = 7.8 EV at ISO 12800.

PEN E-PL1 has CS = 15.3 bits at ISO 3200; EOS 5D II has CS = 14.5 bits at ISO 12800.

DXO mark may have some limitations but is good enough for this purpose.

Calling garbage does say something, though.

Adventsam wrote:

I think this is absolute rubbish, get real, no way this is true, you are talking garbage, prove it? ISO800 on FF same as ISO200 on m43 no way, pixel size of 5dmk2 is 6microns, gh1 is 4.4 micros, its these little things that gather the light remember. You are confused there is just no way FF has any sensitivity increase that you are saying over any camera, garbage garbage garbage.

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