f/1.8 on m4/3, ASP-C, FF; are they the same?

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Re: f/1.8 on m4/3, ASP-C, FF; are they the same?

There are those on the boards who confuse exposure, DOF, and IQ/Noise/total light gathered.

It's OK to confuse total light gathered and exposure, because they are the same thing.

"In photography, exposure is the total amount of light allowed to fall on the photographic medium (photographic film or image sensor) during the process of taking a photograph" -- Wikipedia

f/1.8 on m4/3, ASP-C, FF; are they the same?

From the point of view of making the settings on the camera for an exposure they are the same. So if the flash meter tells you that you need f/1.8, then you need f/1.8; it doesn't depend on the sensor size.

From the point of view of the image captured by the camera, they are very different. f/1.8 on FF has much less depth of field, and at the same shutter speed will result in 2 stops more exposure (because the angle of view is the same, and the diaphragm diameter is wider). To get the same depth of field and exposure (and image captured) you'd need to use f/3.5 on FF with a lens having the same angle of view.

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