buying olympus epl1 is the 40-150 worth the extra $200?

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Re: buying olympus epl1 is the 40-150 worth the extra $200?

Here are some comparison images of the two lenses side by side. I apologise up front for leaving the UV filter on the m43 version which makes it look slightly longer than it is.


My first impressions: very light (more about that later) and quiet when focusing. I think the AF on the EPL1 still needs work as it tends to hunt around a bit regardless of which lens you put on it, and this lens is no different, as can be seen on the video in another post.

I was a bit disappointed to see it was as long as it was. It is almost the same length as the 43 version with the adapter fitted, both when collapsed and fully extended. This is not really a problem, it just makes the purchase of the m43 version over the 43 version a little harder to justify, especially if you already have the older one, as I did.

The m43 version is sharp across the entire focal range. I expected this after seeing the samples posted by DPReview. What surprised me is that when I compare it to the older 43 version taken using the same tripod/delay/anti-shock method, it is hard to find anything different. Both are really good when you use the lenses carefully to avoid camera shake. There does not appear to be any reviews of the older 40-150 to get an idea on how good that lens is, which surprised me a bit. If anyone knows of a review of the old lens then let me know.

I find the weight to be amazing, and will be easy to carry around. It has a plastic mount which helps the weight but I would have preferred a metal mount for that quality feel.

One question mark I have about the light weight is that it might be more difficult to get sharp images when at the longer end of the focal range. The camera and lens has so little mass that a few too many coffees will negatively impact the images. I might even adapt something to reduce the camera shake when a tripod is not convenient (I'll save that discussion for another time).

Here are some comparison shots between the 43 and m43 versions at 150mm, and just for fun, a comparison at 50mm between the m43 40-150 and the 50mm F2 macro. Note that due to the poor quality of my tripod, these might not represent the full image quality possible, although I did use two second delay and 2 second anti-shock. I'll try to bolt the camera down to something solid and do them again at some point. I have included a couple test hand held images as well for reference. The one of the fence came out quite sharp considering.


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