E5 has landed in Juneau

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E5 has landed in Juneau

Appropriately enough, the UPS man delivered my new E5 in the middle of a howling rainstorm....

Since I had a 520 battery around I gave it a whirl, of course.

I'm mostly a 620 user, an have never touched an E3 or E30, so I was happy to pick up the E5 and have it feel not as heavy as I thought it might, and very comfortable. To me with the new screen it seems like the 620's big brother. However, the light feeling was gone with it on my neck--definitely somewhat more heavy just hanging.

The first thing I did after making a few preferred setting adjustments was try live view. Face detection with my 12-60 now works just fine in cdaf, so self-portraits are very easy. That was my first shot, and I won't make you look at my mug, but it came out nice enough (need to shave though).

Live view is definitely better than the 620, which was already better than the previous cameras. The "click" is pretty much one noise now, very quick. There is some kind of mirror movement I think but it all happens fast. I can see using live view a lot more now for hand-held landscapes.

Still getting used to the buttons, which are quite different. Seems a little slower for me at this point when making changes, but I'll get used to it.

Shot a bunch of the usual around the house shots in jpeg and raw. Wish that Lightroom would import the raws. I'll have to use Viewer for importing them as Lightroom won't do it.

IS seems much better than the 620, as E3 user likely know. I took some 200mm shots at quite low shutter speeds that came out sharp.

Here's the traditional new camera cat shot for you guys, iso 1600, 12mm, live view, 1/13, NF low, natural, adobe rgb, contrast adjusted in Lightroom...

Hopefully the weather breaks at bit and I can take it out soon. This camera is a little more weather proof than I am at this point.

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John Krumm
Juneau, AK

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