f/1.8 on m4/3, ASP-C, FF; are they the same?

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But ...

MadsR wrote:

Besides the physical stuff that is utterly irrelevant to making photos...

Making photos is easy ... the camera does most of the work when it comes to exposure.

For exposure the f values are the same whatever camera system, sensor/film size and name of the model

True, but you might choose to shoot with a given aperture to get a given depth of field, not just because it's the one that gets you the right exposure.

And more importantly to many prospective buyers, they simply want to know what lens they'd need to buy to get the same capability they have on some other platform.

The physical stuff about the amount of light recieved, the amount of light pr. micro sensor in the sensor array, moon phases and star positioning in Taurus is utterly irrelevant for exposing a photograph...

But totally relevant for choosing a system & lens. And I have to imagine more people here are concerned about what to buy than how to set exposure.

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