Does E5 make sense if you don't own zuiko lenses

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Does E5 make sense if you don't own zuiko lenses

Before I make up my mind about which camera to buy I thought I would like to here about the E-5 from people who know about it. Seems to me that:

1. It is 2x crop factor much smaller than the competition
2. 12mp vs 16-18 on latest cameras
3. No data on their Noise level and DR

I know it has some special qualities mostly in terms of WB and lenses... It may have more that I don't know... I do know that what I shoot is landscape, portraits and still lives

So my questions are:
1. for a person w no lenses - does it make sense to start a system base on E-5
2. Does price make sense
3. what is mFT how will it affect future use of E5 or future cameras
4. how good is high iso and Dynamic range
5. are body and lenses sealed
6. does older om lenses fit on the camera or need an adapter
7. how difficult is it to shoot manual lenses

I know I am asking a lot but all questions are asked for a reason.
Thanks for your consideration

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