f/1.8 on m4/3, ASP-C, FF; are they the same?

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Re: f/1.8 on m4/3, ASP-C, FF; are they the same?

I think the comparison should be made on the final exposure, or picture taken. Assuming you want to take a picture with the same exposure (light), what would be different between a full-frame and a M 4/3rd?

One measure is f-value. So if you want the exact same exposure, due to the larger sensor size (more light gathering), you would need a smaller f-value for a full-frame. Assuming we maintained the same shutter speed and same ISO, the M 4/3rd would need a larger aperture to be able to capture the same photo.

I am no expert, but I think that is the case.

You can compensate for a smaller sensor with a larger aperture, or higher ISO, or slower shutter speed etc.

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