Is this a rediculous time to buy a 5d II?

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Re: It's Very Simple Really!

How wrong you are bluehotel. First you assume that a improved 5d focus would be that of a 7d, or 1d. Its a 5d, they have always had their own focus sytem. Fact is, it will be improved. Probably will be better than the 7d.

You also fail to forget, that along with the 5dmk3 improvements, so to will the 1d and 7d models be improved. And they will have better focus ability as thats the tools target.

Only blind freddy couldnt see that even if the new 5d auto focus will be improved substantially to match is competitors, the 1ds mkiv system will be better, the best, in the entire world. Its only a matter of time, 6 months at most till a 5d3 is in my hands. So no demand will be lost for the 1d, and you would be silly to think that demand for a 5d3 wont be high. I can see these d3 lovers feeling regretful of their tens of thousands investment in body an glass, when 5d3 and existing canon lenses (if your loyal as i am) will be the best option for ff truth is power

BlueHotel wrote:

Brad Durack wrote:
You missed

C) are a photographer who is excited to have the improved capability, already has a ff 5d in the meantime, and is maling an edycated desicion which will leave him with the best tool, and 5dmkii users an older model

D) none of the above, and simply see the common sense to not by a model that is 2 years old and about to be replaced by a much improved camera.

I doubt he missed anything. Up to a certain level of camera the only difference between a good and a bad photo is only down to the photographer, I believe that was his point. You should check the Winner of the Veolia best animal photography of the Year, which is a particularly demanding field, specs wise. Shot with a D700.

For this reason, if the hypothetical 5DIII was the best of 7D+5d2, the hit on the 1Ds market would be too strong. My guess is that Canon will try to shoot for the video market, with high end still photography left to the 1Ds.

So may be improved AF in live view mode, but no 7D AF, no weather sealing, no higher ISO for the 5DIII. But the end of banding I hope, better DR, improvements on the fps, GPS localization, + additional video features.

We'll see who's right in a year from now.

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