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back from Sony

Hello STF'rs

well... thou i was not able to duplicate the focus probs that many had here with my 717 at home it seems it was easier to do at Sony Canada.

So heres the scoop. The HAFS was initiated by Sony Japan. Sony Canada got the procedures yesterday and they posted the announcement right away. Sony USA got the same but dont know why they took so long. Anyways, the Hologram auto focus syndrome happens only under certain conditions. Its a very small window of error or what Sony called it as around 'luminance 50'. When surrounding ambient light reaches this threshold the HAF fails in its proper readings back to the camera.

The service involves a miniplug cord that is inserted into the "ACC" port and Sonys service computer reads the info on the camera. I was able to see how this computer maps out all the info for the HAF system. What happens next is there are 2 power meters within the HAF system and 1 of them gets tweeked. Once thats done then voila...! all fixed. 10mins max!

I was able to take a series of photos inside Sony before the HAFS fix and after.

These are all crops from originals and the full size originals can be seen below.

BEFORE HAFS fix (crop from full wide shot)

AFTER HAFS fix (crop from full wide shot)

BEFORE HAFS fix (crop from full optical zoom shot)

AFTER HAFS fix (crop from full optical zoom shot)

BEFORE HAFS fix (crop from full optical zoom shot)

AFTER HAFS fix (crop from full optical zoom shot

All these are DIRECT CROPS.
No USD of levelling done at all

rest can be seen here

Also.... The affected cameras are those manufactured prior to October 28th. All new cameras reaching store shelves now have all been fixed.
All info within this post is from Sony.

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