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Karl Gnter Wnsch,

Your response intrigues me with curiosity to view non-cropped image samples of zero-angle BIF with composition as the primary objective. I find this type of image artistically fascinating as it really can connect the viewer with the bird. I wasn't able to locate any in your dpreview photo gallery or in your profile web-link of minerals. (Rocks don't fly so well .. I haven't even thought about using other AF points with BIF as I struggle with with center point and a fast moving target that is extremely hard to track, get in focus and not frame-clip its wings. Thanks!

Karl Gnter Wnsch wrote:

riknash wrote:

Wouldn't a big lump of AF points in the middle of the VF result in better near perfect focus of BIF where the object is to track the bird as it rapidly flies past the photographer?

Only is you want a composition - which like your image - is compromised. It's best to use focusing points that are off center so that you can introduce a composition that doesn't look static, best you leave more space in front of or - in case of your image - over the bird than behind but for certain the head shouldn't be smack in the middle of the frame. Of course you can crop after wards but that automatically disqualifies the image from a lot of current competitions as they are getting ever more discerning that electronic manipulations are taking away much of the photographer part and turn images to fantasy creations achieved by PP ...

What settings do you make specifically for this scenario with the Canon way of doing it?

I use those settings that I described earlier and they work pretty neatly...
Karl Günter Wünsch

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