Any users of older Ricoh digicams?

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Re: Oh, and the full press focus!!!

schaki wrote:

Especially the Ricoh 400G but also the 500SE is awesome in some ways but a little bulky to always carry it with me and epecially the 400G could have more grainy noise I think.

It would have been marvelous above, not awesome. Aff. I managed to screw up and choose completely wrong word above.

Abu08 wrote:

Thanks schaki, I've read some posts from you and others about these cameras when I was considering what to buy, very helpful. What really sold me was a collection of white water rafting photos I stumbled upon.

I love the output at 64 and 100iso and can always process out the noise at anything higher. What surprises me is how I have accepted the lack of control over aperture and shutter speed! I am starting to see there is some predictability in what settings the camera chooses according to the focal length and probably it's not as random as my R8 that I remember.

I stay at iso 100 for most of the time. What bother me most is the horizontal banding which sometimes shows up in dark parts of the image. But yea, Topaz Denoise 5 can clean up that mess and make it look good again.

Usually I set the white balance to cloudy / overcast to avoid that purple cast which may show up randomly when shooting outside if I would use AWB.

I also believed that I might miss control over the aperture, but as Sunskisurf pointed out, the zoom seems to perform rather well wide open at f2.5

f8.1 don't look that bad either to my surprise. I had expected a bit of diffraction there with a 'small' 1/1.8"ccd. Seems like f8.9 is the furthest it goes at 28mm. Have only found it in two of all pictures with it so far.

I have already had to send the first one back due to dust on the sensor so I'm a bit reluctant to send this one off again, it's so tedious when all you want to do is go out and take photos with your new toy, not decided yet.

Oh, I wonder how did it get dust on the sensor? Probably at the refurbishment?(assumes that it is the 500G you mentioned there and not the R8?)

I've not read a tremendous lot about the GX8, which the 500G/SE are based on. But at least I've not come over anything mentioning abut sensor dust which may affect the Grd1 and GX100.

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