Dear Pentax SMC-DA* 50-135mm f/2.8 ED

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Re: So the Sigma 50-150 is a better lens ?

Pakhead wrote:

I find it interesting that people are comparing these two lenses

Agreed, they are very different, and at 135mm the 50-135mm has a 2 stop larger aperture.

The DA 18-135, however good it is, is a walkabout lens, much slower (so less suitable for portraits, at which the DA* excels), and has dual-cam, probably plastic, lens barrels - these are unsealed (and classic dust/moisture traps) and prone to wobble, however good the overall construction. It may be an excellent walkabout lens - possibly better than its rivals - but it is not in the same class as the DA*.

Agreed that it is not the same class as the DA*, but they will be sealed barrels on this lens, as the 18-135mm is a WR lens. The DA* 16-50mm has a dual cam design as well and is pretty sturdy. The 18-135mm is a fairly expensive lens, so I imagine build quality will actually be respectable.


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