70-300 replacement? or birding on a budget

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70-300 replacement? or birding on a budget

I'm quite pleased with my Nikon D300, that's not going to change. My main interest for much of the year is wildlife. I shoot fallow deer with a 70-300 and most of the time that works out well. I got the fieldcraft skills to get close enough.

To give you some idea:

Now, my main challenge is birds. Shots like these:

Are more of a challenge. In fact about 80% of the time I'll spook the bird before I get close enough. If I do get reasonably close it's often a disappointment when I crop.


I'm thinking of getting something longer. Absolute limit of my budget is 1000 euros. It doesn't have to be new.

My first thoughts went to the bigmas, 150-500 and 50-500 but the f6.3 at the long end makes me a bit hesitant.

Any other thoughts?

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Don't wait for the Nikon D-whatever, have fun now!

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