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I was looking for something cheap recently as I lost my Canon charger. I searched for "LP-E6" on BHPhotoVideo.com and found a few items. One of them was charger+battery for about $19. I ordered two. Unfortunately UPS lost my package. On top of that the item was removed from the web site.

I went to local store and got "universal charger" for about the same price as Canon. That one was very inconvenient. The distance between pins had to be adjusted every time before battery insertion. Then battery had to be aligned very carefully with pins and inserted. I took it back to store.

Then I bought the cheapest chargers and batteries from amazon.com at about $9 each including delivery. I didn't have a chance to test charges, but batteries were just a little different in shape and would get stuck in camera. Not the end of the world, but not convenient either.

A few weeks later UPS found my "second-day air" package from B&H and delivered it. The batteries and charges from B&H turned out to be good - excellent fit and capacity. Too bad they are no longer sold.

Note that cheap batteries won't charge in Canon charger and won't report any information to the camera. And that means no battery gauge at all. These batteries are always shown as empty box on top LCD.

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