Upgrade from 40D to 60D or 7D for nature photography?

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Re: Upgrade from 40D to 60D or 7D for nature photography?

He was refering to the C1, C2, C3 functions if I am not mistaken. They had 3 on the 40D, 2 on the 50D, and now just 1 on the 60D. But 3 on the 7D. I have to get some assistance using mine but essentially you set your settings to each one and you just turn the mode dial to the different custom setting slot to change all the settings you have in that slot.

tonyjr wrote:

Sorry , I have an XTI , but will be moving to the 7D as soon as I get another 0% for 6 months interest . [ probably get the 70-200 II also .

I f I understand correctly the 9 spot focus on the XTI and the 16 point on the 7D would be better ?
I am locked in on one focus point and servo now .

Did I understand correctly that you can set up 3 fous points on a dial on 7D and not have to go into menu ?

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