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Re: LX5 Processing - Intelligent Resolution Effects?

As I stated previously, the fine-detail of the foliage in the trees (may) be exceeding the ability of the 10 Mpixel image-sensor to resolve that level of detail.

The resultant "smearing" seen in this particular image may due to pixel-lation effects. What the "Intelligent Resolution" system may have done as a result of the loss of detail (and the corresponding loss of much of any "contrast" in such smeared details) is the question.

I would (if possible) take the same shot at the same place from the same distance under similar lighting conditions (with "IR" disabled) before drawing a conclusion that "IR" is not (at least part of) the problem - or assuming that "IR" has (in the case of this image) improved matters.

It just may be that RW2 is your best approach in such cases of highly detailed foliage at a distance. The best that (I see) the LX5 (in JPG mode) doing in similar images is providing an illusion of detail (mostly as a result of "sharpening"). Viewing at higher magnifications reveals the "smoke and mirrors" involved in that illusion (and not well-defined detail at such distances from the camera).

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