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Re: LX5 Processing - Intelligent Resolution Effects?

tinpusher wrote:

Intelligent Resolution isn't the cause ; it's partly the basic noise reduction processing so setting file modes to NR -2 helps.

Note how little difference the LX3 NR = -2 setting makes compared to NR = 0:
I wouldn't expect the LX5 to be much (if any) different.

Overexposure seems to be the key to what has happened together with the softness at the 90mm end of the lens.

Here is the Histogram of the entire image. It's getting "up there" in total exposure - but the amount of color-channel "clipping" is slight:

Here is a crop of the trees from the area just above and to the right of the fellow on the sailboard. Note that the Blue channel peaks at a level of 70 out of 255. That's a full 1.87 EV below the maximum level. Not what I would call "overexposed":

Actually , the smearing caused by NR appears on some RAW files so there's quite a bit of processing going on there too!

I have not seen any indication in the LX5 RW2s that have been posted that there is (any) "raw"-level noise-reduction going on. If you see smearing at that level you should look to the camera lens-system itself - and/or the "raw" processor itself. Silkypix is known to have limited spatial frequency resolution (even when the NR tools are not utilized at all) as compared to Lightroom ...

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