K5 last DSLR "upgrade"? What is missing?

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K5 last DSLR "upgrade"? What is missing?

First I will start by admitting that I am LOOKING for reasons to buy the K5 and no matter what I will not get one until after Im sure Santa wont bring one

Having said that, is there anything "missing" from the K5 that would require a replacement body in the future? Are the things it has that the k-r doesnt worth $$$$ now?

Spec rundown


16.3 MP - I have yet to "need" anything bigger than the 10MP on my K200 so the jump is huge. 12.4 MP on the k-r would likely also be more than enough.

ISO - here is a clear "need" for me. I love my K200 but I cringe when I have to push beyond ISO 250. If I am shooting stock, I rarely go above 160. From what I have seen here, ISO 6400 is very very nice on both but the ability to push to 51200 to get that once in a lifetime shoot....priceless!!!

Shooting Speed:

Second biggest complaint on my K200. I "need" to be able to get off 3-5 rapid shots and then see the results in less than 30 seconds. I think the hourglass is burned in on my K200. And I could get a lot less wet and for less time if I could fire off 6-7 frames of waves. But here, like MP, both the K5 and k-r represent such a huge jump form my K200 that either one will fill the "need" and the gap between them is not significant.


Not exactly sure what 77 points will do that 11 wont. I will admit that most of the time I get the exposure "right" in post. If I am shooting a model with lights, I shoot manual and use a meter.


I have no complaints about my K200 viewfinder so I am sure I will like the k-r.


I think they have the same system. Probably never going to be a strong suit for Pentax but maybe something they could improve in the future.


Dont really care but I like the idea of the ability to plug in an exterior mike.

Weather seals, battery grip and top LCD:

HUGE deal for me. If the k-r had these I would not even be considering a k-5 and would have a k-r on order. I am convinced that weather seals have saved my K200 on multiple occasions. Or more to the point, I have gotten shots I would not have because I didnt worry about the weather. I LOVE the extra space and vertical shutter that a battery grip provides. Plus I have TONS of AA rechargeable I wish the K5 had the k-r battery setup. I use the top LCD constantly when I am shooting from a tripod. All of these would be reasons for me to upgrade in the future.

A quick look at the competition for features the K5 might be missing. This is not a "which is better" - Im buying Pentax no matter what.

On the D7000 and D300S:

More focus points (39/51) - yup, probably a good thing but not something I would put on my "must have" list.

Dual cards - Defiantly nice. I use 16GB cards now and get roughly 1000 images (RAW) on each one. Im guessing 800 max. Might seem like a lot but when I shoot plays I routinely shoot 2500 images. Still, not something I would upgrade for even in the future. i can always buy bigger cards.

EOS 7D and 60D:

18MP - thats MORE above the K5 than my first two digitals cameras had! Not a reaon to upgrade though.

Articulated screen - had one on my Nikon CP 5400. Rarely used it but when you do there is no substitute.

Strobe system - sigh

Other stuff:

I would love to a have better flash system but it seems like that will never happen with Pentax. its just not on their priority list. For now, I am making do with my collection of strobes.

1/8000 - cant think of a need for more
EV+ - 5 is a nice step up from + -2 on my K200. Any reason for more?
Dont care about in body processing or live view

Im VERY happy with APS-C and have a substantial investment in lenses that would not work on a FF so that is not an issue either.

So what am I missing? Is it possible Pentax has built the last "need" upgrade? What could be improved upon? Of course sensors will get better but it seems like the increases will be marginal vice dramatic. AF speed and accuracy can always get better but I am not "missing" that many shots now as far as I can tell. I dont care about "smaller/lighter" - I like the heft of my K200 with a battery pack.

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