Any users of older Ricoh digicams?

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Re: Any users of older Ricoh digicams?

Aub08 wrote:

Just purchased a "refurbished" 500Gwide. It has several stuck sensor pixels but I'm willing to overlook that for the good lens and UI almost identical to my GX100.

I'm surprised by the optical performance considering it is shooting through a toughened glass front element! It's 4 year old sensor technology but can't beat a Ricoh lens


I and some more on this board have its cousin, the 500SE, both are based on the GX8 which also performs well. If it is still under warranty after the refurbishment, u should send it to RIcoh and let them remap that sensor. Man, my 500SE still rarely show any stuck pixels at all.

Same 1/1.8" sensor as the Grd1 I believe it is, unfortunately not exactly as grainy at iso 800 and more banding when it shows up.

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