LX5 Processing

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Re: LX5 Processing - Intelligent Resolution Effects?

Detail Man is correct. The others are wrong.

It is Intelligent Resolution causing this effect of smearing of the bushes which are in the less contrasty shadow areas i.e. where sunlight is absent.

Also, I'd advise you to shoot in RAW to obtain the highest degree of fine-detail capture. Else, if shooting JPEG, then choose the finest setting.

Switch off extended optical zoom (and digital zoom) too.

Switch off Intelligent Exposure or set it too Low if you do not PP your images.

Choose Standard Film and set the NR to -2. In fact, if you post process your images, you might as well set the other three settings (Contrast, Sharpness and Saturation) to -2 as well, else not.

With these settings, you will see that this smearing phenomenon is at its minimal.

Hope this helps.


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