Upgrade from 40D to 60D or 7D for nature photography?

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Re: Upgrade from 40D to 60D or 7D for nature photography?

Colin Smith1 wrote:

Boccah has to do with the lens not the camera body. I also like to shoot nature and use two 7Ds. Autofocus is great on flying birds using all points activated. The 7Ds are more weather resistant than the 60D.
Colin Smith

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Thanks, Colin. You are making me think..... So would all points autofocus capture a flock of birds all in focus? Does it mean that you could have, theoretically only, of course, 19 birds in focus and the rest blurred by DOF? Or is the bokkah there regardless of the 19 points because of f stop and lens etc?

Say you have a single bird in flight - does the all points help with the problem of, say the head being in sharp focus, but the tail and wings a bit blurry?

Say I am lucky enough, when I visit US/Canada next May, to come across a big elk in a forest. Single point aimed at the head, or multi-point? What I am confused about, is the correlation between all points focus and DOF blur in relation to single point focus and bokkah.

These questions are a lot more relevant with 19 points instead of 9!!

Many thanks,


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