Recommended memory card size

Started Oct 28, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Re: need more info...

Depends entirely on what you shoot. For wildlife, I'd certainly take more capacity than for studio portrait.

I've been travelling extensively (around 40 countries, a lot of overland routes), mostly with a SanDisk Extreme III, 16GB. On various bodies from Canon / Nikon, never had a problem with that card. (I always make sure I buy cards in a reputable place – it's pretty much impossible to tell real / fake CF cards apart. Ebay is full of them.

If your card gives you grief, try running a disk check on it. On a Mac, I'd recommend something like Drive Genious. It'll show & report any bad sectors if there are any. I also carry "Data Rescue" on my laptop – just in case I do get problems or accidentally format a card.

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