Summary of recent statements by Olympus

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Re: Let me shorten that summary.

Morpho Hunter wrote:

Unless Olympus can produce a mirrorless camera with an EVF that is as good as an OVF for manual focussing in low light, then the E-series dslrs will continue to be developed.

I guess such a staggering leap in viewfinder technology is at least a decade away - but I could be wrong!


Morpho, I agree with your statement 100%, but I understand that we will be called "Ludittes" or worse for saying it..

I hope its not a decade away, but i tink it may well be.

I need an OVF because of the "timing specific" nature of most of my photography.. and I understand the nature of the EVF, and it simply isnt up-to-the-job, when push comes to shove.

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