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When I started with digital in 2001 I uses several smaller CF cards, but only had one go bad when using Canon gear. Turned out that the camera had caused the problem not the card. Seems that Canon had some sort of glitch built in that if you opened the card door while the camera was ON it could damage the card. That was eight years ago an a fluke that Canon corrected in that model camera. Went Nikon introduced the D100 I went back to Nikons as I had been using them with film for decades and prefer the ergonomics. I continued to use smaller cards on the theory that if one was lost or damaged I would not lose all the the images shot. Today, all my cameras use SD cards. I have dropped, stepped on, and given SD cards a soaking by leaving one in a pants pocket when the pants went into the laundry. They have never stopped working properly. I use SanDisk Ultra SD cards in 16 and 8GB sizes. I shoot RAW and RAW plus Jpeg sometimes so I find larger cards to be easier to work with. I don't have to worry about keeping cards in order so that my notes (I do a fair amount of editorial work that requires note taking) jive with the sequence of images. I only have one card to take real good care of except when I shoot with 2 cameras. However, I do take a precaution when a job cannot ever be reshot. I shoot with 2 cameras and the second camera is duplicating many of the shots taken with the first camera. That second camera always has a lens on it that is wider than the one on the first camera. It's like wearing a belt and suspenders.

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