Microlenses, f-numbers and vignetting (ultra techy thread)

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Re: Microlenses, f-numbers and vignetting (ultra techy thread)

Very interesting thread indeed. Thanks for bringing up this issue!! Now, I am no rocket scientist but logic fools me to believe that the micro lenses MUST be a bottleneck. This would only NOT be the case if we assume that the micro lenses can let through any amount of light they receive (that is, asume that they will always be "brighter" than the imaging lens).

How much light those micro lenses can really let through is something that probably only Canon engineers know..

Regarding Jo... I mean Great Bustard´s experiment ;-): Though it may be difficult to judge from the posted JPEG, It is clear to me that there is a difference between those two shots. The second one seems somehow brighter (specially the background). BUT... I am somehow concerned about the fact that you compensated the smaller aperture in the second shot with the ISO setting instead of the shutter speed. We have seen that ISO´s are what the manufacturers want them to be and that ISO 100 is a different thing in every camera (and not always even ISO 100). We don´t know exactly what the camera is doing when bumping up the ISO and 800 may not necessarily be two exact stops from ISO 200. It would be interesting to see the same test rating both shots at the same ISO and compensating the smaller aperture with a longer shutter speed instead.

Just an opinion..

Hope to see more interesting stuff here soon.

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