Storage while traveling with minimal hardware... Online solutions?

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Storage while traveling with minimal hardware... Online solutions?

New to the forums, but have done a good amount of searching before signing up to post this and didn't see a thread in this regard. Seems I may have a special predicament that the collective insight here may be of use in resolving.

The core question is this: my wife & I are going traveling for about nine months & need a way to store our photos. At $69/year, Mediafire Pro (or something similar, like MegaUpload premium for $59/year) seems to be my best solution at the moment. Considering the conditions detailed below, are there any other solutions we should consider?

We’ve got an external HDD for one copy of the files. We can possibly send DVD copies as another copy of the files. We’d like an online storage solution that will provide a third method of backup. We’ll need to store JPG and RAW files, with an occasional video. Display is a plus, but not the primary purpose here.

We have a total of 64GB in SDHC cards (4 cards at 16GB each) for use between the two of us, which will need to be transferred pretty regularly to the external HDD. We’ll probably be doing that at internet cafes as we won’t be carrying a laptop or netbook, only an iPhone 3Gs. (Bonus points: how can we transfer from the SD cards direct to the iPhone?)

We’ll be shooting with a Canon T2i and a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX5V. The T2i will be shooting RAW+JPG at highest setting (approximately 18 megapixels) and the Cyber-shot will be shooting JPG at highest setting (approximately 10 megapixels).

In my previous experience, I’ve always been an experimental shooter and with the 50D I’ve easily filled a total of 16GB in CF cards over 3 days. While that was a high level of use, during this trip I need to estimate my total storage needs, and that’s the only time I’ve had free to accumulate a constant shooting average so it has to suffice as our basis. Considering the higher resolution of the T2i and the added camera plus the possibility of video files, I feel it should serve as a guesstimate rate just fine, which puts us at about 5GB/day for storage needs.

Considering 9 months at 5GB/day, a solution using the rates of Amazon S3 service puts us easily in to the $1000.00 range for total costs while we’re traveling. (I can show my work for that if you’re curious...)

Neither Flickr or SmugMug offers RAW storage; the exception being that SmugMug offers it at the Amazon S3 rates.

Mozy & Carbonite are both meant to be used with a computer, not as a service to which one uploads files for later retrieval.

Much appreciation for advice/suggestions/considerations. Thanks in advance.

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